How do we help?



We invest in blockchain companies looking to raise capital at the pre-seed, seed and ICO stage.

Want to sell your crypto assets after your ICO? We'll buy it all.

VC funds - we're here to help connect you to quality projects.


Marketing & PR

We help turbo charge your marketing and PR, pre and post funding rounds. We'll start by helping sculpt your whitepaper into a masterpiece. Then we'll create technology editorials, targeted digital marketing, and turn it all into a high impact digital campaign that succeeds.



Cross pollination - want to collaborate with sector leaders? Let our network of industry leaders make that happen.

Whitepaper analysis - would you like industry experts to validate every page?  We'll help you create a whitepaper that stands out from the crowd. Just let us know.



Smart contracts - we're here to ensure everything is 100% before your ICO launch. 

Code development and assurance - we have world-class blockchain architects and developers ready support your project.

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