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Holon is a global financial services company for the digital economy.

It is the first global fund management company exclusively focused on the leading digital companies of today and the future. Today, global platform models like Amazon, Airbnb and Xero are transforming industries at an accelerated pace.

Innovative global digital infrastructure is allowing organisations to deliver products and services at demonstrably lower costs, disrupting the economics of prevailing business models. This transformation is comparative to the shift from analogue to digital photos which took place in the first decade of the twentieth century.





Autonomous is working with the Emanate Team on, MN8 AEP - an Audio Exchange Protocol which will be demonstrated via the company's own killer application, Emanate Live. 

Emanate is a platform and community for musicians to connect with fans and other artists in a way never before possible. Through connections with the world's biggest music producers, the Blockchain Music team are building an artist-first music platform with 'smart-collaborations', instant monetisation and the best new music on the internet.

Currently at ICO stage, the team already have significant traction: 

  • Prototype set to launch with exclusive tracks from chart-topping producers
  • Artists ambassadors with over 3 million followers. More artists being added every day
  • Formal partnership negotiations with tech/music platforms and industry investors