Autonomous is a dedicated blockchain consultancy firm established to assist investors and blockchain projects participate and succeed in the rapidly expanding decentralised economy. 

This is an exciting time as the crypto and blockchain space as innovation explodes unlike anything we have previously experienced, seriously outpacing the internet revolution of the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Further the rate of innovation is accelerating exponentially, expanding to touch almost every market and industry sector.

This is an extremely dynamic, highly complex and dense space that is at the convergence of traditional and new technologies, the global monetary and financial systems, asset management, trade and supply chains, legal and regulation, and IOT, as well as the emerging fields of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, to name but a few. 

A parallel decentralised economy and ecosystem is emerging that demands new service models to support the participants unique demands. This is such a dynamic, deep and broad space, no single organisation can possibly develop all of the capabilities and competencies necessary to service the market participants needs. 

There are few specific blockchain business experts market participants can turn to for reliable and credible, guidance and assistance. Autonomous has assembled a network of leading experts to assist seed, incubate and accelerate blockchain projects.