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We accelerate your Web 3.0 journey.

We are accelerating the decentralised economy revolution.


What do we do?

Autonomous is a dedicated blockchain investment and consultancy firm established to assist investors and blockchain projects participate and succeed in the rapidly expanding decentralised economy.


Our Goal

Be a ‘market signal’ for the network effect we create, earned by our ability to successfully seed, incubate and accelerate future blockchain leaders. 

Your Journey With Us

How we work with you to build your blockchain economy from the ground up.

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Who are we?


Jonathan Hooker, Chief Executive Officer | Founding Partner

Jonathan’s passion for creating great software and building next generation companies drove him to found Autonomous. Jonathan wants to help shape new decentralised economies that can truly enhance the world.

Jonathan has spent the last 14 years building software products for the banking industry and blue chip companies, in New York, London and Hong Kong. Jonathan has gained world-class experience and contacts overseeing full-stack projects for clients such as MasterCard, BNP Paribas, HSBC, Citi, Symantec, Kraft and Pfizer.


Anthony Smith, Chief Technology Officer | Founding Partner

With over 25 years’ experience as a developer and technical lead Anthony brings real technology weight to the Autonomous team. Anthony is a keen crypto miner and loves deep diving into convergence, where Blockchain meets other key tech like AI and ML.

Anthony has had a diverse career, having worked in embedded devices using assembler, Windows device drivers using C, through to web and client/server applications using technologies such as C#, SQL Server, C++ and Delphi.


Shawn Lindsay, Chief Operations Officer | Founding Partner

Shawn is a long time crypto investor and ICT industry veteran with a strong understanding of the blockchain protocols, technologies and the decentralised ecosystem. He has a powerful vision of the disruptive possibilities the decentralised economy.

Shawn brings 35 years of technology industry experience gained working for global and local sector leaders, delivering full cycle advisory and implementation services for large scale transformation programs for many Australian corporate and government organisations.

Meg Dennis

Meg Dennis, Chief Strategy Officer | Founding Partner

Meg is an entrepreneurial and accomplished innovator who coaches teams around lean approaches, design thinking and enjoys working with businesses to help them know their customer and stay ahead of the curve.

Megs’ areas of expertise are in her ability to crystalise business strategy as well as the implementation of business models. Meg has launched 10+ innovative and patented new products working with her own start ups, the Virgin group and diverse range of businesses from auto, pharma, finance and IoT.


Jennifer Zanich, Innovation Director | Founding Partner

Jennifer is passionate entrepreneur through and through, from Silicon Valley to Sydney she's the go to person to help companies and teams with digital transformation and innovation.



Chris Hitchcott

Digix | Core DEV | DAPP DEVELOPER & Blockchain wizzard


Ian Edwards



Rob Morris

MD | Prismatik | Technologist, Investor & startup advisor


Greg Valles

MD | Valles Accountants | Accounting & taxation specialist to the blockchain world



Our partner companies display immense passion for the decentralised world and we’re proud to join them on the journey. 



Coin Hunter Research Group

The Coin Hunter Research Group's mission is to provide anyone the tools and insights to invest in digital assets with confidence.

At Coin Hunter Research Group we believe cryptocurrencies are forming a new asset class, and anyone that takes the time to learn, research and invest in cryptocurrencies has an opportunity to be rewarded. We formed Coin Hunter in response to a need for comprehensive and concise research and education, for those that wish to invest in cryptocurrency but are unable to dedicate that time required to conduct it.

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MasterNode Ventures

"The only source of knowledge is experience"

MasterNode Ventures (MNV) consists of an Australian Capital Management Fund, full stack Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Advisory Service and Blockchain/cryptocurrency Incubator.

MNV was founded by Chris McLoughlin, Kyle Hornberg and JP Thor after the successful CanYaCoin ICO; raising approximately $15m AUD. The experience, connections, strategies and knowledge that was gained from conducting Australia's 2nd most successful ICO has been captured in MasterNode Ventures.

Through ICO Advisory and Incubation Services, MasterNode Ventures can share lessons learned and help foster the successful global expansion of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies.


Where are we?

Address: Level 6 / 241 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills, 2010, NSW, Australia


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